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  • Cross-country skiing around Schlettau in the Ore Mountains.
    Cross-country skiing around Schlettau in the Ore Mountains. Photo: formplus, CC BY, Adobe Stock

Cross-country ski trails in Erzgebirge

Saxony, Germany

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The snow-assured ridge of the Ore Mountains offers perfect conditions for winter sports from the Vogtland to the Osterzgebirge. Over 1,000 kilometres of cross-country ski trails in the midst of an idyllic winter landscape make the area a paradise for cross-country skiers and ski hikers. Everyone, from beginners to professionals, will find the ideal route for cross-country skiing in the Ore Mountains.

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The 10 Most Beautiful cross-country ski trails in Erzgebirge

Langläufer auf dem Kahleberg
Cross-country skiing · Altenberg
Cross-country skiing circular trail Kahleberg (L1)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
9.4 km
2:20 h
183 m
192 m
The L1 across the Kahleberg area. It is a 9 km long circular trail with refreshments possibilities and a great view from the Kahleberg.
Loipe L2 - Richtung Schellerhau Winter
Cross-country skiing · Altenberg
Altenberg/ Schellerhau - Cross-country skiing circular trail East Ore Mountains (L2)
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
6.8 km
1:45 h
83 m
83 m
A comfortable, circular trail - this is ideal for beginners. The tour can also be extended further towards Schellerhau or Kahleberg.
Die fast baumfreie Loipe in Olbernhau
Cross-country skiing · Erzgebirge
Langlauf-Loipe am Hainberg in Olbernhau
recommended route Difficulty moderate closed
3.4 km
0:54 h
65 m
65 m
Die Loipe liegt auf dem Olbernhauer Hainberg oberhalb des Skiliftes. Das besondere an der Rundloipe ist, dass diese sich auf einem nahezu baumfreien Hochplateau befindet.
Langlauf in Schellerhau
Cross-country skiing · Altenberg
Altenberg / Schellerhau - circular cross-country skiing trail Pöbelknochen (L3)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
7.7 km
1:40 h
155 m
130 m
Circular cross-country skiing trail L3 is varied and leads around the Pöbelknochen over the heights of Schellerhau.
Schneckenstein Richtung Parkplatz Kielfloßgraben
Cross-country skiing · Vogtland
Kammloipe Erzgebirge/Vogtland
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
34.3 km
7:51 h
533 m
438 m
Die Kammloipe auf dem Gebirgskamm vom erzgebirgischen Johanngeorgenstadt bis ins vogtländische Schöneck gehört zu den wohl schönsten und auch schneesichersten Loipen Deutschlands und wurde mit dem Prädikat "Exzellente Loipe" ausgezeichnet.
Skifahren auf der Loipe Winter
Cross-country skiing · Altenberg
Altenberg / Rehefeld - Cross-country skiing circular trail Wüster Teich (L4)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
5.4 km
1:25 h
96 m
96 m
The circular trail L4 is located away from the main tourist attractions and invites you to "undisturbed" skiing.
Langläufer - Skifahrer im Kahleberggebiet
Cross-country skiing · Altenberg
Cross-country skiing circular trail Scharspitze (L5)
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
5.7 km
1:25 h
107 m
98 m
The L5 is a circular trail around two of the well-known peaks, the  Scharspitze and the Biwakkuppe. This tour is medium difficult. 
am Hochmoor bei Boži Dar
Cross-country skiing · Erzgebirge
Rundloipe Tellerhäuser und Boži Dar
recommended route Difficulty moderate
10.3 km
2:32 h
191 m
191 m
Die etwa 10 Kilometer lange, grenzüberschreitende Rundloipe führt zum vielleicht aufregendsten Wintersportort des oberen Erzgebirges. Wir erleben das verschneite Boži Dar und das Hochmoor auf dem sächsisch-böhmischen Erzgebirgskamm.
Cross-country skiing · Ore Mountains
Breitenbrunn - Boží Dar
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
18.5 km
2:45 h
274 m
22 m
Langlaufstrecke über den erzgebirgischen Kamm zwischen Breitenbrunn und Boží Dar.
Sparkassen Skiarena Oberwiesenthal - Skilanglauf und Biathlon Stadion
Cross-country skiing
Loipen in der Sparkassen Skiarena Oberwiesenthal (Eliteloipen)
recommended route Difficulty difficult Open
5 km
0:30 h
190 m
190 m
Langlaufen auf dem Dach Sachsens - Langlaufen auf den Wettkampf- und Trainingsstrecken von Olympiasiegern und Weltmeistern  
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The Jewel: Kammloipe Erzgebirge / Vogtland

The approximately 35-kilometre-long ridge trail in the Erzgebirge / Vogtland Nature Park has been awarded the "Excellent Trail" title and is one of the most snow-sure and beautiful cross-country trails in Germany. The route leads from Schöneck to Johanngeorgenstadt and runs along the main ridge of the Westerzgebirge. On the way there are various entrances, connecting trails and local trails, which make the ridge trail shorter and more varied. This makes it suitable for both inexperienced and ambitious cross-country skiers. The Fichtelgebirge mountains, panoramic viewpoints and sun terraces make the long-distance trail an exceptional experience. The cross-country trails are double-tracked and there are sections that are suitable for skating.

Cross-country skiing pleasure on the Kuhberg

Good cross-country skiing conditions are especially important for beginners and children. In the cold season, the area around the Kuhberg in the Erzgebirge / Vogtland Nature Park is transformed into a true winter wonderland. Here you will find everything you need for cross-country skiing. The Sonnenloipe Schönheide is a one-kilometre circular route in sunny terrain, which is floodlit in the evenings until 9pm. The easy trail with slight inclines is suitable for skaters and classic cross-country skiers. If there is enough snow, it is possible to enter the Kuhbergloipe from here. It is laid out around the Kuhberg and runs for seven kilometres through snow-covered winter forests and up to the summit. From here you have a fantastic view over the Vogtland. You can stop off at the Prinz Georg lookout tower and enjoy the hearty Vogtland cuisine.

Where is cross-country skiing possible in the Ore Mountains?

The Ore Mountains are known for their high ridges and deep valleys, which offer ideal conditions for winter sports. Cross-country skiing in the Ore Mountains is a unique experience and a huge selection of trails for all ages and levels of difficulty provides plenty of variety. Most of the areas are snow-sure due to their high altitude, the best-known regions being Oberwiesenthal, Altenberg and Carlsfeld. In the large ski areas you can combine cross-country skiing with downhill skiing. The smaller cross-country skiing areas are interconnected, so you will find a large cross-country skiing network. Ideal conditions for classic cross-country skiing and skating are offered by the Rätzteich area, Seiffen and the Rübenau-Kühnhaide-Reitzenhain connection. Everywhere you can rent cross-country equipment and find numerous accommodation options, shelters and trail users.


Best cross-country skiing areas in the Ore Mountains include:

  • Rübenau-Kühnhaide-Reitzenhain: ideally suited for beginners
  • .
  • Rützteich area: popular, mainly easy routes, especially for skaters
  • Carlsfeld: one of the most snow-sure places in Saxony, with cross-country trails for every level of difficulty
  • .
  • Weitersglashütte: the only place that lies between Klingenthal / Mühlleithen and Johanngeorgenstadt directly on the Kammloipe
  • .
  • Oberwiesenthal: excellent location on the Fichtelberg, with around 50 km of groomed and well-signposted cross-country ski trails, very snow-sure, there are even snow-covered elite trails here
  • .
  • Schöneck: Start or finish of the Kammloipe, with a dream location on a flat high plateau and connections to other cross-country skiing areas
  • .
  • Schwarzenberg: snow-assured, large wooded areas, with a network of cross-country ski trails around 200 kilometres long
  • .
  • Wernesgrün and Stützengrün: groomed cross-country ski trails around the Kuhberg
  • .
  • Nassau: approx. 25 km cross-country skiing trail network with skating track and night trail


Kammloipe Erzgebirge/Vogtland by Martin
2 days ago · Community
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Photo: Martin H., Community
Photo: Martin H., Community
Altenberg/ Schellerhau - Cross-country skiing circular trail East Ore Mountains (L2) by Susanne
January 29, 2023 · Community
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When did you do this route? January 29, 2023
Rundloipe Tellerhäuser und Boži Dar by Sie De
March 12, 2022 · Community
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