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Hikes in Rengsdorf

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Rengsdorf. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful hikes.
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The 10 most beautiful hikes in Rengsdorf

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Hiking trail · Rengsdorf
Kleiner Wäller "Zwergenweg 2" - promenade
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
4.5 km
1:18 h
99 m
100 m
Bat in the Laubachtal. A hike for children: Here even the little ones can learn about bats, marvel at caves and enjoy nature.
Der Limesturm auf dem Wingertsberg ist die Rekonstruktion eines römischen Wachturms
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Rheinsteig Section 9: From Rengsdorf to Sayn
Premium content Difficulty difficult Stage 9
15.8 km
4:30 h
308 m
515 m
From the climatic health resort of Rengsdorf, the route goes up and down through the Westerwald to Sayn. The House of Butterflies, a beautiful castle park and the neo-Gothic castle await us there.
Früher boten die Wingerts-Häuschen den Winzern bei schlechtem Wetter Schutz
Hiking trail · Romantischer Rhein
Rheinsteig Section 8: From Leutesdorf to Rengsdorf
Premium content Difficulty difficult Stage 8
19.9 km
6:30 h
705 m
484 m
From the sunny vineyards on the Rhine, the Rheinsteig trail leads us through forests, meadows and shady brooks via the idyllic valley of the Wied and the medieval Rhoumlmer ditch to Rengsdorf on the edge of the Westerwald.
Der Klosterweg endet am Stern von Bethlehem im Weihnachtsdorf Waldbreitbach
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Wäller Tour Klosterweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
18.2 km
7:00 h
497 m
641 m
The Klosterweg as a certified premium hiking trail crosses the Rengsdorfer Land as a route stage for almost 18 adventurous kilometers and connects the Rheinsteig in Rengsdorf with the Westerwald-Steig in Waldbreitbach. A constant alternation between ascent and descent through three stream valleys and fantastic views make the Klosterweg a unique hiking experience in the Westerwald region.
Das Markierungszeichen: Die rote Zwergenmütze
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Zwergenweg 1 - water fun and game reserve
recommended route Difficulty easy
4.5 km
1:14 h
55 m
61 m
Hiking, feeding and swimming fun for the whole family.
Eine wunderschöne Flusslandschaft erwartet uns.
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Rund um Rengsdorf
recommended route Difficulty moderate
16.6 km
4:30 h
392 m
392 m
Die 434 Höhenmeter (einfach) dieser Tour werden überwiegend auf angenehmen, nicht zu steilen Anstiegen bewältigt.
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Klosterweg loop "Rengsdorfer Panoramaweg
recommended route
15 km
5:30 h
373 m
363 m
The "Rengsdorfer Panoramaweg" shows itself - partly situated on the premium hiking trail and the Wäller Tour Klosterweg as well as on the Rheinsteig - from its most beautiful side.  Not only does it cross a beautiful landscape with idyllic brook valleys and charming paths, it is above all the fantastic panoramic views of the Wiedtal, the Eifel and the Rhine Valley that make up the special charm of this adventure loop.
hochwertige Geräte am Weg
Hiking trail · Rhein-Westerwald
Kleiner Wäller Vitalparcours
recommended route Difficulty difficult
4.4 km
1:30 h
131 m
69 m
Neuer Spazierwanderweg zwischen Rengsdorf, Hardert und Bonefeld mit Sport, Spaß und Fitness auf neuestem Standard
Blick auf Bonefeld
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Klosterweg loop "Laubach-Celtic Tour"
recommended route Difficulty moderate
12.6 km
4:00 h
293 m
301 m
The tour offers an adventure loop on the monastery path, which combines the attractive landscape with a culture steeped in history (former ramparts, Celtic barrows).
Bunter Eingangsbereich
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Zwergenweg 3 - apple path at the herb garden
recommended route Difficulty easy
2.8 km
0:50 h
54 m
54 m
A hike on the last of the three dwarf trails. A route that can even be run for the very little ones.
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