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Long distance hiking trails in Brilon-Olsberg

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Brilon-Olsberg. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful long-distance hikes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful long-distance hikes in Brilon-Olsberg

Long distance hiking trail · Brilon
Briloner Kammweg
recommended route Difficulty difficult Open
49.5 km
14:00 h
1,360 m
1,360 m
The Briloner Kammweg is often referred to as a quality path and leads to 49 km through breathtaking landscapes of Brilon.
Entdeckungen auf der Sauerland-Waldroute
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
Sauerland-Waldroute: Qualitätswanderweg von Iserlohn nach Marsberg
recommended route Difficulty moderate Multi-stage route Open
245.8 km
70:00 h
5,348 m
5,295 m
Zauberhaft mystisch und immer wieder anders - so ist die Sauerland-Waldroute. Naturschauspiele, tiefe Wälder und geheimnisvolle Plätze zeigen eine einzigartige Natur- und Tierwelt!
Im Herbst zeigt sich der Rothaarsteig in den schillderndsten Farben.
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
The Rothaarsteig
Premium content Difficulty difficult
178.3 km
50:00 h
3,161 m
3,400 m
On the Rothaarsteig we cross the Sauerland, the Wittgensteiner Bergland and the Siegerland to the Dill-Bergland on the „Weg der Sinne”. 160 km take us from Brilon in the Hochsauerland to Dillenburg at the foot of the Westerwald.
Die Burg Altena
Long distance hiking trail · Ruhrgebiet
Premium content Difficulty difficult
140.6 km
39:00 h
3,773 m
3,558 m
Even the Romans used the Plackweg to transport their goods through the Arnsberg Forest. Even today, we can still see traces of the old trade route on the hiking trail maintained by the Sauerland Mountain Association. It leads for long stretches along the ridge of the Plackweghöhe, which is up to 581 m high, and therefore has some challenging climbs in store for us - but for which we are rewarded with magnificent views, impressive castles, large caves and mysterious monasteries.
Holunder auf der Hochheide
Long distance hiking trail · Rothaar
Höhepunkte des Rothaarsteigs zwischen Brilon und Willingen
recommended route Difficulty moderate
39.8 km
11:30 h
1,000 m
860 m
Der Rothaarsteig ist ein prämierter Fernwanderweg im Rothaargebirge und folgt größtenteils der Rhein-/Weserwasserscheide. Bevor der Kammweg irgendwann leider zur Waldautobahn wird, findet man die schönsten Stellen, wie z.B. die Bruchhausener Steine bereits nah am Ausgangsort Brilon. Diese Route nimmt die Höhepunkte mit und endet in Willingen.
Heidelandschaft am Rothaarsteig
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
Rothaarsteig von Willingen nach Winterberg
recommended route Difficulty moderate Stage 2 Open
22.1 km
6:04 h
572 m
552 m
Diese Etappe des Rothaarsteigs führt auf 22 km von Willingen nach Winterberg – über den höchsten Punkt Nordrhein-Westfalens (Langenberg 843 m), den Richtplatz, die Niedersfelder Hochheide und die Ruhrquelle bis in den Wintersportort Winterberg.
 Schloss Gevelinghausen, Olsberg
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
Olsberg Kneipp Hiking Trail
Premium content Difficulty moderate
47.4 km
15:00 h
1,661 m
1,661 m
The Olsberg Kneipp Hiking Trail runs for around 47 km in three stages around the small spa town of the same name, which is shaped by the course of the Ruhr. At beautifully situated, natural footpaths and Kneipp basins, hikers can fill up on fresh air, energy and tranquillity.
The Bruchhaus Stones
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
Premium content Difficulty difficult
133.7 km
36:00 h
3,049 m
3,267 m
The Rothaarweg is about 130 km long and is part of the European long-distance hiking trail E1. It runs from Brilon through the Sauerland and Siegerland, or Wittgensteiner Land, to Siegen and has some climbs and fantastic views in store for us.
The Bruchhaus Stones
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
Brilon ridge path
Premium content Difficulty moderate
48.7 km
14:15 h
1,288 m
1,288 m
Hike on the Brilon ridge trail across the mountain ridges of the upper Hoppecke in the Hochsauerland region.
Olsberger Kneipweg Logo
Long distance hiking trail · Sauerland
Olsberg Kneipp Path
Premium content Difficulty moderate
42.8 km
11:00 h
1,330 m
1,330 m
The Olsberg Kneipp branch takes us past various water treading places over a distance of around 42 kilometres.
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Sauerland-Waldroute: Qualitätswanderweg von Iserlohn nach Marsberg by Frank
August 22, 2021 · Community
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Photo: Frank Lütkenhues, CC BY-SA, Community
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Photo: Frank Lütkenhues, CC BY-SA, Community
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