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  • Transition from Asten (right) to Gerkenstein and Langewiese (from there to the center of the picture) and the (Kühhude) Rothaar (peaks peeking out in the left half of the picture)
    Transition from Asten (right) to Gerkenstein and Langewiese (from there to the center of the picture) and the (Kühhude) Rothaar (peaks peeking out in the left half of the picture) Photo: Elop, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • The Lennekessel with Oberkirchen
    The Lennekessel with Oberkirchen Photo: Teta, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons
  • Rothaar Mountains
    Rothaar Mountains Photo: CC0,


The Rothaar Mountains are a low mountain range in North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, forested in large parts, and reach their greatest height at 843 m on the Langenberg. Divided into numerous different natural areas, the landscape is protected by nature parks. The Rothaar Mountains are particularly popular with hikers, who roam through the forests and meadows, discover geological features such as the Bruchhauser Stones and visit the free-roaming bisons.
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Maps and trails
Hiking trail · Bad Laasphe
L4 meets Mythen und Sagenweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 12.5 km
Duration 3:35 h
Ascent 309 m
Descent 302 m

Mystisch angehauchte Rundtour, die zwei wunder-wanderbare Wege verbindet!

from Petra Markus,   Touristikverband Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V.
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 17.7 km
Duration 4:54 h
Ascent 401 m
Descent 386 m

Wir wandern einen Rundweg vom Skigebiet Schanze nach Oberkirchen und gehen über den Rothaarsteig zurück. Als Highligt der Wanderung passieren wir ...

from Markus Strotkemper,   Community
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 12.8 km
Duration 3:35 h
Ascent 349 m
Descent 349 m

Eine aussichtsreiche Rundwanderstrecke von Usseln rund um die Hohe Pön zur Graf-Stollberg Hütte. Über die Kahle Pön und Ka-Lied zum Usseler Kreuz.

from Ulli's Wandertouren,   Community
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 39.8 km
Duration 11:30 h
Ascent 1,000 m
Descent 860 m

Der Rothaarsteig ist ein prämierter Fernwanderweg im Rothaargebirge und folgt größtenteils der Rhein-/Weserwasserscheide. Bevor der Kammweg ...

from Andi Radin,
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 10.7 km
Duration 3:07 h
Ascent 241 m
Descent 242 m

Aussichtsreiche Rundwanderstrecke auf dem Elleringhausener Panoramaweg. Start / Ziel: Kreuzweg zur Kapelle Kapelle am Ruthenberg ...

from Ulli's Wandertouren,   Community
Mountainbiking · Sauerland
MTB-Tour: Einsteigertour im Valmetal
recommended route Difficulty S1 moderate
Distance 21.1 km
Duration 2:15 h
Ascent 350 m
Descent 339 m

Kurze und einfache Mountianbiketour, größtenteils auf ausgebauten Waldwegen und kurzen Pfaden.

from Stefan Rüppel,   Community
Mountainbiking · Sauerland
MTB-Tour: Die große Tour zum Wasserfall
recommended route Difficulty S2 moderate
Distance 33.4 km
Duration 4:37 h
Ascent 970 m
Descent 952 m

Abwechslungsreiche Tour zum Wasserfall (Plästerlegge) in Wasserfall mit vielen Aussichtspunkten, kleinen Pfaden und schönen Mischwäldern.

from Stefan Rüppel,   Community
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Maps and trails

Although the name of the Rothaar Mountains (= cleared forest mountains) suggests otherwise, forests are still the main component of the mountains today. With the natural area around the Langenberg, the highest mountain in North Rhine-Westphalia, and the massif of the probably better known Kahler Asten, the Rothaar Mountains have two altitude centers.

The natural areas of the mountains differ to some extent strongly. While the Langenberg natural area is mostly forested, the Harfeld is largely cleared and includes the well-known winter sports resort of Winterberg, while the Rothaar mountain ridge is almost completely uninhabited. There are gorge mountains and spring trough landscapes, old trade roads and ridges, densely forested areas and agriculturally used green areas.

A special feature of the Rothaar Mountains are the Bruchhauser Stones, which are witnesses of volcanic activities and today represent a retreat for rare plants and animals. The 92 m high rock pillars are an impressive sight and were declared the first “National Natural Monument” in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Bruchhauser Stones
Photo: Thomas Wensing, CC BY-SA, Wikimedia Commons

On foot through the Rothaar Mountains

The Rothaar Mountains are crisscrossed by a dense network of hiking trails. On soft forest paths, sunny meadow paths, to the sound of rushing streams and birdsong, you can get very close to nature. One of the most popular trails through the mountains is the Rothaarsteig. The “Path of the Senses” runs for 154 km and is one of the Top Trails of Germany. With paths and trails that are particularly close to nature, it is one of the 16 most beautiful long-distance hiking trails in Germany.

The Kyrill Trail offers a completely different experience. The trail, which is only 1 km long, shows the natural force of the hurricane of the same name that hit the landscape in 2007. On the Waldskulpturenweg (forest sculpture trail), you can marvel at works of art and sculptures along the way.

Not to be forgotten, of course, is the Sauerland-Höhenflug, which offers breathtaking views over valleys and vast landscapes over a distance of 250 km. And a special experience is to go with a ranger on the Sauerland-Waldroute (Sauerland Forest Route) and learn more about nature.

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