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Museums in Giessen

Hesse, Germany

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Youll find yourself spoiled for choice when organizing your stay {4}. To help you, we have put together an overview of the most beautiful places to visit and attractions.
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The 10 Most Beautiful museums in Giessen

Weihnachtlicher Schmuck Hirtenhaus Reiskirchen
Museum · Lahntal
Shepherd's House - museum of local history
Detailed depiction of a dwelling house of a small village family around 1910.
Ansicht HTM
Museum · Lahntal
Holz + Technikmuseum - Das Holzerlebnishaus
The purpose of a museum is to preserve the cultural heritage.This task is best ensured by taking over the historical machines and equipment of the former Winter sawmill and carpentry workshop and continuing to maintain and demonstrate them.Three times a year on so-called steam and gate days the historical machines and equipment are demonstrated in operation.The HTM was appointed Regional Environmental Education Centre (RUZ) by the Hessian Ministry of Culture in 2007. This puts it in a row with the 10 other RUZ of the state of Hesse. Translated with (free version)
Heimatmuseum Rodheim-Bieber I
Museum · Lahntal
Heimatmuseum Rodheim-Bieber
The local history museum set up in the rooms of the former town hall above the baking house in Rodheim is a "living museum" adapted to the spirit of the times with the main theme "Historical textiles in the Gleiberger Land". Translated with (free version)
Oberhessisches Museum - Altes Schloss
Museum · Lahntal
Oberhessisches Museum - Altes Schloss
The Altes Schloss (Old Castle) is part of the Upper Hessian Museum. It houses the department of picture gallery and arts and crafts as well as the seat of the administration and museum management. Translated with (free version)
Museum · Lahntal
Keltenkeller - Museum für Archäologie
Das Museum befindet sich im Untergeschoß des Biebertaler Rathauses und präsentiert in unmittelbarer Nähe des Dünsbergs einen herausragenden Fundkomplex aus keltischer Zeit - Dauerhaft und im Original.
Museum · Lahntal
The Mathematikum in Giessen is the first mathematical interactive museum in the world.Over 170 exhibits open a new door to mathematics. Visitors of all ages and educational backgrounds experiment here: They lay puzzles, build bridges, rack their brains over puzzles, stand in a giant soap bubble skin and much more.Translated with (free version)
Dauerausstellung Museum der Rabenau
Museum · Lahntal
Museum of Rabenau
Permanent exhibition on local history and special exhibitions
Museum · Lahntal
Bauernhausmuseum Hof Haina
1973 wurde in der ehemaligen Schneider’schen Hof­reite ein Museum eingerichtet. Es beinhaltet Mobiliar, Haus- und Erntegeräte, Keramik, Stickereien und Trachten aus dem Umkreis von Hof Haina und dokumentiert die Lebensweise der Bewohner im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert.
Alter Faselstall Beuern
Museum · Lahntal
Museum of local history old Faselstall Beuern
In the "Faselstall" barn (built around 1900) were once kept animals such as oxen, billy goats and rams, as well as boars
Heimatmuseum Allendorf (Lumda)
Museum · Lahntal
Museum of local history Allendorf (Lumda)
Housed in the building of the old Rostschule dating back to 1731, the museum is dedicated to the folk and everyday culture of the Lumdatal.
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