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theCrag is the world's leading climbing and bouldering platform, providing information on more than 880,000 routes, 38,300 topos and thousands of climbing areas. The climbing community gathers all of the information and it is further made accessible to theCrag community free of charge. In addition to finding info on climbing areas, users have the ability to record all of their ascents using their own climbing logbook. Since 2021, Outdooractive and theCrag have been working together and cooperating, and in the near future, a large amount of high quality, climbing-relevant content from theCrag will be accessible on the Outdooractive platform. 
Berna Fuchslueger in Guadalcázar

Cooperation between Outdooractive and theCrag

This cooperation brings together two heavyweights with a common cause. Outdooractive's greatest strength lies in outdoor sports such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking and winter sports. We have set ourselves the goal of providing our users with a holistic set of activities, including climbing. By partnering with theCrag, this has now become a reality and the climbing content we presently have on the Outdooractive platform will be hugely expanded as a result. Outdooractive has not been as specialized as theCrag with its huge climbing data structure and so we are thrilled to be able to present this content on our platform. 

Do I have to pay to access this content?

No. As on theCrag, all content will be available on Outdooractive free of charge, thus ensuring we remain true to the motto “ the climbing community for the climbing community and accessible for free to everyone!“


  • Solveig Korherr in “Zor“
    Photo: Jon Shen,
  • Ulf Fuchslueger in Moab
    Photo: Berna Fuchslueger,
  • Yun Ji in Moonhill
    Photo: Vivi,
  • Berna Fuchslueger in Guadalcázar
    Photo: Ulf Fuchslueger,
  • Solveig Korherr in “Lucifer“
    Photo: Jon Shen, www.thecrag,com



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