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Welcome to Birken-Honigsessen, a charming village in the Westerwald-Sieg (Altenkirchen district), Germany. This destination is an insider tip for all nature lovers and offers a wealth of activities and sights.
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Attractions in Birken-Honigsessen


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Maps and trails
recommended route Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route
Distance 224 km
Duration 17:30 h
Ascent 2,537 m
Descent 2,483 m

Diese Route führt über mehr als 200 Kilometer und zeigt mir die schönsten Seiten des Westerwalds. Die vier Etappen lassen mir Zeit, die zahlreichen ...

from Maja Büttner,   Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!
Bicycle Ride · Westerwald
Radtour "Stille Post"
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
Distance 17.7 km
Duration 1:30 h
Ascent 178 m
Descent 178 m

Erst Berg, dann Tal heißt es auf der Rundtour auf der ehemaligen Grubenbahtrasse im Brölbachtal.

from Naturregion Sieg,   Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
Bicycle Ride · Westerwald
Westerwaldschleife: Wissen - Daaden
recommended route Difficulty difficult Stage 2
Distance 62.8 km
Duration 5:15 h
Ascent 640 m
Descent 511 m

Malerisch sind alle vier Etappen der Westerwaldschleife, auch diese zweite. Auf den rund 63 Kilometern der Tour kann ich mich körperlich auspowern ...

from Maja Büttner,   Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!
Long distance hiking trail · Westerwald
Natursteig Sieg | Etappe 10 | Rund-um-Wissen
recommended route Difficulty difficult Open
Distance 25.2 km
Duration 7:30 h
Ascent 495 m
Descent 495 m

Schleife um Wissen 

from Naturregion Sieg,   Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
Theme trail · Westerwald
Wisserland - Alter Fürstenweg
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 12 km
Duration 3:25 h
Ascent 261 m
Descent 261 m

Rundwanderung auf historischen Wegen als Bestandteil des Wegenetzes „Botanischer Weg – Kultur und Landschaft im Wisserland“ (Tour 1).

from Jochen Stentenbach (VG Wissen),   Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!
Long distance hiking trail · Region Köln-Bonn
Natursteig Sieg | Etappe 09 | Au–Wissen
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
Distance 23.7 km
Duration 5:30 h
Ascent 599 m
Descent 494 m

Liebesgeständnisse mit Siegblick

from Naturregion Sieg,   Rhein-Sieg-Kreis
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 11.9 km
Duration 3:25 h
Ascent 296 m
Descent 296 m

Der Ökoforst im Wildenburger Land bietet Gelegenheit zum Abstand nehmen und zur Erholung. Der Weg führt über breite Wege, schmale Wege und Dickicht ...

from Joachim Schwarz,   Community
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Maps and trails
Geographically, Birken-Honigsessen is located between the cities of Siegen and Koblenz, nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Westerwald. The region is known for its beautiful forests, green hills and idyllic villages.

Most relevant for tourism are the historic buildings such as Herbonville Castle or the 12th century St. Laurentius Church. The "Kunstwege" sculpture park with its impressive outdoor works of art is also worth a visit.

Those interested in culture should definitely visit the local history museum, which provides insights into the life of the people of the Westerwald. For music lovers, a trip to the annual jazz festival or to a concert evening at Greifenstein Castle is worthwhile.

Not to forget the culinary specialities of this region: Be sure to try the delicious honey from the surrounding area or enjoy hearty specialities such as knuckle of pork or bratwurst from the grill.

There are numerous options for outdoor activities: Hike through the forest on one of the many hiking trails or cycle along the river Nister on the cycle path "Nister-Radweg". In winter, you can even go skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of the nearby ski area.

Even when it rains, there is plenty to discover in Birken-Honigsessen: Visit one of the many exhibitions in Herbonville Castle or take a tour of the local history museum. Alternatively, you can relax in a cosy café and indulge in the culinary delights.

The most beautiful time in Birken-Honigsessen is when nature awakens and everything comes to life - in spring and summer. The forests are green, the flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining - perfect conditions for outdoor activities or just to let your soul dangle.

Overall, Birken-Honigsessen is definitely worth a trip! Whether as a day trip or a longer holiday - this charming village offers something for everyone. Use this travel guide to prepare your trip optimally and get to know all the highlights of this region.

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Natursteig Sieg | Etappe 10 | Rund-um-Wissen by Manuel
May 04, 2023 · Community
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Photo: Manuel Böttger, Community
Photo: Manuel Böttger, Community
Photo: Manuel Böttger, Community
Durch den Ökoforst im Wildenburger Land by Harald
November 27, 2022 · Community
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Photo: Harald Müller, Community
Nijmegen→Heerlen via Hamm & Trier (D) by text
October 10, 2022 · Community
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