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Welcome to Kausen, Westerwald-Sieg! This destination in the Altenkirchen district is a true jewel of the Westerwald. The region is characterised by its picturesque landscape and charming villages.
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Maps and trails
Long distance hiking trail · Westerwald Mountain Range
Druidensteig - At around 85 km, the longest geo route in Germany
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 82.3 km
Duration 25:00 h
Ascent 1,992 m
Descent 1,873 m

The quality hiking trail Druidensteig provides insights into the mining history of the region at over 30 information points and offers geological ...

from Sven Wolff (TI Kirchen (Sieg)),   Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 19.1 km
Duration 5:00 h
Ascent 458 m
Descent 518 m

Viel Fernsicht und Täler mit alten Mühlen prägen diese landschaftlich reizvolle Streckenwanderung, die außerdem gut an den ÖPNV angeschlossen ist.

from Ulrike Tenzer,   Community
Long distance hiking trail · Westerwald Mountain Range
Druidensteig - Etappe 4 Vom Elkenrother Weiher nach Betzdorf
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
Distance 14.7 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 165 m
Descent 417 m

Vom idyllischen Elkenrother Weiher führt dich die 4. Etappe des Druidensteigs in die größte Stadt des Landkreises Altenkirchen, Betzdorf. Mystische ...

from Sven Wolff (TI Kirchen (Sieg)),   Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Naturschutzgebiete rund um Elkenroth
Map / Naturschutzgebiete rund um Elkenroth
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 13.4 km
Duration 3:30 h
Ascent 176 m
Descent 173 m

Die Wanderung führt durch Kostbarkeiten und Naturschönheiten mehrerer Naturschutzgebiete: Das wildromantische Elbbachtal, der Hasselichskopf, die ...

from Joachim Schwarz,   Community
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Bruche - Elkenrother Weiher
Difficulty moderate
Distance 14.3 km
Duration 3:57 h
Ascent 542 m
Descent 296 m

Von Bruche über Dauersberg, Steineroth zum Elkenrother Weiher.

from Günter Eisbach,   Community
Hiking trail · Westerwald
Das Elbbachtal bei Elkenroth
Difficulty easy
Distance 7.6 km
Duration 2:20 h
Ascent 154 m
Descent 154 m

Abwandlung von Route 18 aus Müller, K.-G.:  Wanderlust im Westerwald, Droste Verlag, Düsseldorf, 2015. ISBN: 978-3-7700-1524-5 http://www ...

from Henning Jung,   Community
Mountainbiking · Siegerland-Wittgenstein
Dickendorfer Mühle
Distance 51.5 km
Duration 14:50 h
Ascent 1,462 m
Descent 1,455 m

Die Tour führt über den Giebelwald, Windhahn und Steineroth zur Dickendorfer Mühle. Anschließend über Steinerother Kopf, Alsdorf, X24 bis ...

from Thilo Jung,   Community
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Maps and trails
Kausen lies at the foot of the legendary Fuchsberg mountain and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding nature. Particularly impressive are the numerous hiking trails that wind through forests and fields and lead to the most beautiful vantage points.

The town itself has a rich history and is known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses and Kausen Castle, which was built in the 18th century. Another highlight of the region is the Hachenburg open-air museum, where you can gain an insight into the life of times gone by.

Cultural highlights are provided by regular events such as concerts or theatre performances in the local community centre or the nearby Bad Marienberg spa park.

For those who like to try regional specialities, the famous "Westerwälder Spießbraten" - a hearty roast pork with a spicy crust - is a must. Other delicacies such as potato dumplings or fresh apple pie should not be missed either.

Outdoor activities can be enjoyed here at any time of year: In summer, the nearby reservoir beckons for swimming and boating, while skiing and tobogganing are the order of the day in winter. Horse riding, fishing and cycling are also popular activities in the region.

Even on rainy days, there is plenty to discover. Why not plan a visit to the Westerwald Museum or nearby Sayn Castle?

The best time to visit Kausen is between May and October, when the weather is mild and nature is in full bloom. But even in winter, this region has its own special charm with snow-covered landscapes and cosy Christmas markets.

Kausen, Westerwald-Sieg (Altenkirchen district) - a destination that is definitely worth a trip! Our Travel Guide provides you with all the important information for your next holiday here.

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