Our award winning park – an oasis of tranquility

Bad Pyrmont’s Spa Park – Germany’s most beautiful park 2005

The historical park is a mixture of a strictly baroque system of avenues and an English landscape garden. It is the jewel of Bad Pyrmont, as well as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

After receiving the award of “Germany’s Most Beautiful Park 2005”, an international jury of experts also awarded it with a 5th place as Germany’s best competitor at the competition for “Most Beautiful Park in Europe”.

The Palm Garden is the extraordinary centre piece of the park and also the most northern outdoor palm tree park in Europe. 330 palm trees of different varieties, some up to 11 m tall, and more than 400 subtropical plants delight all visitors of this part of the park. It was created by the Fürstlich Waldeckischer Hofgartendirektor Dirks at the beginning of the 20th century.

The scent of flowers, the tropical flair of the palm trees and the splashing of the fountains transport the park’s visitors to a magical world. The park is 17 acres in size and a natur experience and area of tranquility at the same time. It also provides an impressive setting for many large open air events.

English landscape park
These elements have been created since 1908. You will find them in the areas between strawberry temple, tea house and the “artist’s ponds”.

The Palm Garden
This part had been created as a French garden in 1903 and was transformed between 1911 and 1913. The first 13 palm trees were established in 1913, the oldest palm tree is approximately 430 years old. Today you will find 300 large palm tress here, as well as more than 400 sub tropical plants and many smaller potted plants.

The buildings
The strawberry temple was built in 1786. The arcades with the “reading room” building and the adjoining concert hall were built in 1926-1928. The clinic "The Fürstenhof" was opened in 1991. The current Hotel Steigenberger is the former Spa Hotel. Both the "Fountain Grove" and the "Park Palace" were built in 1950.

Every year around 250,000 plants are set into the decorative flower beds. These are planted as ornaments. You will find different bulbous plants, pansies, daisies, geraniums, marigolds, ice plants and many other interesting plants. Many of them from our own culture.

You too can discover your very own favourite place in this “oasis of tranquility”!

Opening times:
In the summer months, the park closes at 10.00 pm, in winter it closes at 8.30 pm or after sun set.

Entry fees:
April- October: €5.00 per person, groups: €3.00 per person. Unfortunately there are no dogs allowed in the park

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