The Cultural Island "Bad Pyrmont Castle" The history

1526 – 1536:
Between 1526 and 1536 the Spiegelberger counts had created a fortress with residential buildings and corner bastion close to the main site, where a prestigious, Weser Renaissance style, three-storey castle was built in the years 1557 – 1562 in the southwestern area.

1706 – 1710:
The castle, which had been badly damaged during the Thirty Year War, was demolished in the early 18th century; between 1706 and 1710 Count Anton Ulrich of Waldeck and Pyrmont had a baroque castle erected on its foundations as a summer residence.

1721 – 1726:
From 1721 Julius Ludwig Rothweil changed this Castle building. He had the Commandant’s House (1723), the Cavalier’s houses, as well as the magazine building (1726) built, repaired the entire fortress and brought it into line with the ideas of baroque garden art.

1765 – 1771:
From 1765 the fortress and castle underwent further changes under the building director Franz Friedrich Rothweil. The extensions to the sides of the castle – the large rooms with flat ceilings on the main floor, with open garden spaces underneath – were completed in 1777.

The museum

The museum of Bad Pyrmont is at the heart of an impressive fortress with trench, ramparts, casemates and corner bastion from the 16th century, as well as a baroque castle (1706 – 1710). It houses historical collections of the town and spa. The concept of the exhibitions convinces through its focus on one essential aspect of the local history: the importance of the mineral springs for the development of the town.

In recent years, the museum has made a name for itself with exquisite exhibitions nationally, among others with a much Czar Peter exhibition, with Queen Louise or Frederick the Great, all famous spa guests from Pyrmont, but also with its annual presentations on the topic "picture book illustrations", "water"and "Famous spa guests".

Opening Times/Entrance Fees

Daily (except Monday from 10.00 am till 5.00 pm)

Entrance fees:
Adults € 3,-
Residential guests & the disabled € 2,-
Concessions   € 1,-
(children, students, job seekers)
Group prices per person   € 2,-
(minimum of 10 people)
Family ticket € 6,-

Entrance fees for special exhibitions:
Adults € 4,-
Residential guests & the disabled  € 3,-
Concessions   € 2,-
(children, students, job seekers)
Group prices per person   € 2.50,-
(minimum of 10 people)
Family ticket € 8,-

Schlossstraße 13
31812 Bad Pyrmont
Telephone: (0 52 81) 60 67 71
Fax: (0 52 81) 9 69-1 26

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